Start The Conversation

It starts with a conversation. Personal spiritual growth is simply a matter of beginning a conversation with God and continuing that conversation for the rest of your life. If you are like the overwhelming majority of Christians, you probably have yet to discover how to develop the life sustaining daily spiritual routine that permits you to maintain a daily conversation with the Lord. For most of us, our conversation with God is sporadic and inconsistent.

The result of this deficiency is that our fervent desire to center our lives around the lordship of Jesus Christ remains a good intention that has yet to be fully translated into the reality of how we conduct our everyday relationships with God. The simple solution for this deficiency is to start the conversation. Start today. Do it every day. Do it at the same time each day. Make and keep a daily appointment with God.

Sustained Spiritual Growth exists to help you learn to do these simple things so that you will become free to walk uprightly with God and thereby discover the reality of the blessing contained in Psalm 84:11.

As you look thru the pages of our web site you will find many of the important lessons we have learned and shared during sixteen years of teaching ordinary Christian men and women how to develop extraordinary relationships with God through Jesus Christ.

To begin to use this site, simply roll your mouse over the graphic above. There are five elements in the graphic, and you will notice that, as you roll over each, the left column will change to display a short explanation of each element. When you have finished reading, you will find a link to a short video presentation that illustrates the importance of that particular element of your spiritual foundation. At the conclusion of each video, a link will guide you to the appropriate page where you will find resources to support your spiritual growth.